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Councillor - Cam Guthrie

Dec 2nd, 2014

Thank you Ward 4 for the trust you put in me over the past 4 years. Newly elected councilllor Christine Billings will now be taking over this site. Please give Christine some time to get this up and running. I can now be reached at city hall in the mayors office. 519-822-1260. I look forward to serving you now as Mayor.

Cam Guthrie


April 7th, 2014

Official Statement re: Retirement of Councillor Gloria Kovach

This morning my ward-mate and my friend Councillor Gloria Kovach announced her retirement after 23 years of representing the residents of Ward 4 and all citizens of Guelph. I want to personally thank her for her companionship around the horseshoe. She is a wonderful person to work with through the ups and downs both inside and outside of city hall. Her accomplishments to this city are too numerous to list and she will leave a mark on this city that will not be forgotten. A mark of dedicated service to residents not seen often by politicians. The residents of Ward 4 wish her well in her future endeavours!

Cam Guthrie
Councillor - Ward 4 - City of Guelph



January 14th, 2014

Dear Ward 4 residents,

As many of you have heard, I have stepped forward and announced my candidacy to become the Mayor of Guelph on Oct 27th, 2014.

You can read about this announcement here: www.abetterguelph.ca

I want you to know that I am still your ward councillor. I am delivering on what I promised you as a candidate and will not abandon my responsibilities to you.

I am here, just like I promised, and just like I always have been.

So let me know what you need. Let’s continue to meet. I’m continuing to make Guelph better just as I believe and hope I’ve made Ward 4 better for you these past years.

Thank you,

Cam Guthrie

City Councillor – Ward 4 – Guelph



Please Remember:

*** I will always try my very best to answer all emails as soon as I am able. I'd prefer talking to anyone in person. Just call me, or let's meet for a coffee! Remember, www.guelph.ca has a lot of info as well!  Thanks! ***


  • If you would like to reach me by email, please do so through cam.guthrie@guelph.ca or by phone at 226-820-5080.
  • Social media such as Twitter are now available. Follow me by clicking on the icons in the top right hand corner of this page.
  • I'd like to thank WARD 4 and the Guelph community for their ongoing encouragement. I'm honoured that you have chosen me to represent you, so let's make the next few years great!


Cam Guthrie

Cam Guthrie

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